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This is the real estate company introduction for Primeland which deals order housing, renovation in Hiratsuka, Odawara and Hadano.


有限会社プライムランド 取締役社長 金原康秀

Thank you very much for your support. Primeland could meet establishment for the 20th year this year.
We are appreciated deeply with being supporting us thanks to customers, everybody in an area and related client.
It can be said that person has received various benefit through utilizing "real estate" as the foundation of house and business.
In the today that information diversified and technology developed, real estate would play the important role as the partner necessary to the abundant life and future dreams for us by repeating "revival" while also responding to the people's needs in the time.
We "Prime Group" will advance business to become the real estate and bridge with customer while making the idea that " Anticipate a new era and needs." important since our foundation.
We have exceptional skill of an overall fixed property and specialty required by overall construction, know-how and storage of the network inherited from irreplaceable masters.
We promise you that we're finding the true value of the real estate, propose the new value and are fulfilling our responsibility socially as "professional of real estate revival".
And we’d like to take one first step for the stage to revival of proposition and the fixed property to the new time with everybody who just supported Prime group.

Company's outline

Trade name Primeland co.,ltd
President Yasuhide Kanehara
Location 12-26, Beniyacho, Hiratsuka-city, Kanagawa, Japan 254-0043
TEL 0463-24-2131
FAX 0463-24-4875
Description of business Real estate overall planning and development.
Real estate overall merchandising (planning/mediating/buying/dealing/mediating/renting)
Real estate overall sale (For selling Shonan color series.)
Building overall management (real estate integrated management/property management)
Overall architectural design management (plan/work/interior design/supervision)
Overall construction (building and supervision, etc.)
Earthwork (building and supervision, etc.)
Management in housing for senior citizens (Shonan color series)
Overall interior total coordination
Existence building renovation (housing and renting building, etc.)
Property revival consultation for business and coordination, etc.
The management design of the real estate sale and the renting property service
The license contents No.22349 of real estate by Kanagawa-prefecture governor (4)
No.68968 of construction business by Kanagawa-prefecture governor
No.1865 of Lease business by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (1)
No.10712 of design trade by Kanagawa-prefecture governor
Belonging group Japan real estate guarantee association
Kanagawa-prefecture real estate guarantee association
Metropolitan area real estate fair deal conference
Organization for Housing Warranty Ltd.


Location 12-26, Beniyacho, Hiratsuka-city, Kanagawa, Japan 254-0043
TEL 0463-24-2131
FAX 0463-24-4875
TEL information 9:00~17:00
Regular holiday New Year's holiday・Star Festival・in‐house trainingday・ etc